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helen tago  •  Aug 21, 2018

Residency in Gran Canaria

Coming from the "flat Earth" it seamed unbelivable, that there are no shortcuts in mountainroads

For a long time I was trying to find contemporary, less toxic alternatives for etching copper. On the website nontoxicprintmaking.com I found Electro-etching. I ordered the book by Alfonso Crujera and started experimenting. After initial testing I even taught it to other printmakers but I felt like I needed a push to keep going. Three years later I managed to travel to the beautiful island of Gran Canaria to the wonderful studio of master Alfonso Crujera.

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helen tago  •  Feb 25, 2015


I have wanted to etch copper for a long time but I didn´t want to use the dangerous mordants so when I read about the technique where you etch plates with a low current through a non-toxic (but still irritating on contact!) solution I was exited to try it.

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